Website Setup

Our web design service takes care of the fiddly setup process.

We use a hosted web platform that's easy to use once set up. You can access your website and make changes, or have us do it for you at an hourly rate. Scroll down for information about domain name registration and ongoing hosting costs.

Ongoing costs not included in our website setup packages:


Domain Names

The domain name, eg., is the address of your website's home page.


Domains ending in .au (Australia) need to be registered for a minimum or two years and renewed as needed.

Estimated cost: $20 per two years.


Hosting Costs

In order to appear on the web, your site needs to be hosted. This is an ongoing cost, charged to your credit/debit card monthly or annually.


The platform we use to create our client's websites offers a range of options to suit your budget and requirements.


Estimated cost: Premium plans start at around $10 per month. (A free option allows advertising buttons to appear on your website.)

Please contact us for a quote or further information.